Fred Blauer and Associates:
(Open for Business)

Consulting Services

  • Needs analysis
  • System selection and evaluation
  • Project management

Implementation services

  • Accounting
  • ERP
  • eCommerce (B2B, B2C)
  • CRM
  • HRM
  • Specialized industry solutions (Distribution, Mfg, Retail etc.)

Fred Blauer CPA, CISA 

  • Chartered Accountants with expertise in financial accounting
  • Knowledge of ERP and Accounting systems: We have many years of experience in the evaluation and implementation of business systems.
  • Business Process Review. Our approach is to review your business processes - to understand requirements, and also to identify opportunities for business process improvement.
  • Security – we have many years of experience in systems audit, controls and risk assessment
  • Independence: We have worked with many different systems for clients in different industries. Our objective is to chose the best approach and implement the best and most cost effective strategy for our clients needs, both short and long term.
Key Alliances. We have a team of specialists in various complimentary domains such as Bar Coding, EDI, Point of sale systems etc. We pull together the particular resources needed for a given project.
Latest and emerging technology. We make use of the most advanced, cost effective and flexible solutions (Open source, Cloud computing, Outsourcing etc)

Our Team and Alliances
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